About KwizMi

KwizMi is a quiz site offering free trivia quizzes on sport, geograpy, music, science and more.


KwizMi was born at the start of 2010, after couple of graduates from England managed to learn all the US States in a few minutes after creating a quiz. Then we learnt the titles of all Shakespeare's plays. Then all the elements in the periodic table. Realising that we could expand this into more areas and make it accessible to more people, we created KwizMi.


Each quiz comes with its own stats so you can see how your results compared to everyone else's.

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With a KwizMi profile you can track your scores, compare your knowledge across different categories, and see how well you improve. You can also make friends and compete with them.

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Test your friends - and the world - by making your own quizzes, using our simple quiz creator.


At the moment, we're working on friend league tables and customizable backgrounds.

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